what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

5 Reasons To Choose A Foam Roof For Your Home

by Vanessa Lord

If you are in the process of building a new home and are choosing your building materials, you could be unsure of what type of roof to install on your home. If you are looking to replace your existing roof, you might also be wondering which roofing material is your best option. You might have thought about various common options, such as metal or asphalt shingles, but one option that you might not have considered is a foam roof. Foam roofs are becoming increasingly common for a reason; these are just a few reasons why you might want to consider one for your home.

1. Prevent Leaks

A lot of roof leaks occur at the seams where the roofing is installed. Foam roofs, however, have no seams; this means that the likelihood of leaks developing is decreased. This can help save you a lot of time and money and can allow you to enjoy your roof for many years longer.

2. Leave Your Existing Roof in Place

If you are installing a roof on a brand new home, this doesn't really matter, but there is one added benefit to installing a foam roof over your existing roof. Since the foam roofing is so light, you often don't have to have your existing roof removed at all. Even areas that are removed are spot-checked. This can save you a lot of money in labor costs and can allow your project to be completed much more quickly.

3. It's More Flexible

By design, foam roofing is far more flexible than most roofing materials. This means that as your home naturally shifts over time, the roof is more likely to shift with it. This can help prevent major cracks and other serious, expensive damage.

4. Keep Moisture at Bay

Foam roofs are airtight and can help prevent moisture from the air from getting in and around your roofing materials. This can help prevent mold, mildew and other issues.

5. Easy to Repair

If you have ever had to deal with roofing repairs, you know just how aggravating and expensive they can be. With foam roofing, however, many issues can be quickly and easily repaired by simply adding a little more foam in the right places.

As you can see, a foam roof can be a number one option for residential roofs. These are just a few reasons to consider this roofing material when placing a new roof on your home. Contact a local outlet, such as Armstrong Installation Service, for further information.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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