what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Debunking 2 Prevalent Roofing Myths

by Vanessa Lord

The condition of your roof will play a critical role in determining the overall condition of your building. Yet, despite the importance of this component, there are many homeowners that are shockingly ill-informed about this part of their houses. This can lead them to mistakenly put their faith in a couple of prevalent roofing myths, which can lead to serious damage to their homes. Knowing the truth behind these two commonly held notions will help you to protect your roof from problems that can cost you serious repair bills. 

Myth: Cement Tile Roofing Is Maintenance Free

There are many homes that are equipped with cement tiles instead of traditional roofing shingles. While these tiles are vastly more durable than shingles, some homeowners may make the mistake of assuming that these tiles do not require regular maintenance, which can lead to serious problems for the home's roof. 

One of the most basic forms of maintenance that you will to do is to have the tiles pressure washed at least once a year. These washings will remove any mold or moss that may be growing in the cement's pores, and if these materials are not removed, they can discolor your tiles and cause them to start crumbling. 

Myth: Attic Insulation Does Not Impact The Condition Of Your Roof

Another commonly held idea is that the attic will not directly impact the condition of your roof. While it would be nice if this were true, the attic actually plays a critical role in determine the overall condition of your roof. For example, if your insulation is inadequate and drafts develop, the snow can partially melt during the winter, which can lead to an ice dam forming on your roof. Also, poor insulation can also make it easier for insects and animals to make it into your home from the roof. 

Sadly, there are some homeowners that are under the impression that adding more insulation to their attics will be prohibitively expensive. While it is true that there is a cost involved with making this upgrade, there are usually government backed rebates and tax incentive programs that can be used to offset these costs. 

Knowing that cement tiles require a regular pressure washing and the importance of the insulation in your attic will help you prevent two of the more common roof related problems from striking your home. Contact a roofing company like Dome Construction Company for more information.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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