what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

What You Should Know About Roof Shingling

by Vanessa Lord

If you need to make repairs to your roof or are thinking of installing a new roofing material, you might be considering roof shingles. Roof shingling involves the process of installing or repairing shingles, often made of asphalt, concrete, or other materials. Here are some things you should know about roof shingling before you continue.

There Are Many Types of Shingles

The first thing you should know about roof shingling is that you have many types of shingles to choose from. When people think about roof shingles, they often think about traditional asphalt shingles. While asphalt is an excellent choice, it isn't your only choice. You can also choose tile or composite shingles, metal shingles, and wood shingles. Here are some benefits of the different types of shingles:

Asphalt – Asphalt shingles are lightweight, less expensive, and easy to install. They can also be used on a cool roof.

Composite and tile – Tile shingles are very durable and can withstand a lot of different weather conditions. They also hold up well in the case of a wildfire.

Wood – Wood shingles are ideal when you want to add more style and interest to your roof. They can be long-lasting with the right maintenance.

Metal – Metal shingles are strong, durable and sturdy. They tend to last longer than other types of shingles.

Installing New Shingles Over Old Shingles

One of the great things about shingle roofing is that you might not have to remove your old shingles in order to install new ones. This can be a less of a burden when you need to make repairs or install new roofing materials. While this isn't always the case, you can usually place new shingles as long as the ones on the roof now are mostly flat. If they are warped, curvy, or wavy, they will need to be removed first.

You also need to make sure the underlayment is sound since you are adding more weight to the shingled roof. Installing new shingles over old ones works best for asphalt and composite shingles, but it might not be an option if you have wood shingles. Try not to install more than 2-3 layers of shingles on top of each other.

Shingles Can be Used on Most Roofing Types

If you think you can't have a shingled roofing due to your flat roof or steep slope, you are mistaken. Another excellent fact about roofing shingles is that they work on most types of roofs. Whether you have a low or high slope, flat commercial roof, or a roof that can only handle very lightweight materials, you will find a shingle that works perfectly for your needs. Wood and tile shingles look great on roofs that have a medium or high slope, while asphalt is perfect for low and flat slopes. If you can handle more weight, you can get metal or slate shingles. 

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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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