what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Six Advantages Of Metal Roofing: Not Just For Sheds Anymore

by Vanessa Lord

The advantages of metal roofing are cosmetic as well as functional. This material offers clean lines and a minimalist appeal that's hard to beat, along with a host of other benefits for homeowners who choose the versatility and durability of metal roofing. Keep the following advantages in mind when considering this versatile roofing material:

Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of metal roofing is its ability to help keep heating and cooling costs low. A cool-metal roof helps prevent the transfer of heat into attic spaces, instead reflecting heat outward. This can lower the temperature of a room by significant degrees, making it a nice, cost-effective option for roofing.

Metal Roofing is Appropriate for Low-Pitched Porches and Dormers

Because of its excellent run-off capabilities, metal roofing can be used where other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, aren't recommended. Metal's ability to heat up, melt, and divert precipitation makes it perfect for low pitches. 

Metal is Modern and Contemporary

Even the most traditional home construction looks sleek with the addition of a metal roof. Metal comes in various forms in the roofing industry, including standing seam and corrugated sheets. Both lend a modern, minimalist look to a home regardless of age. 

Metal is Versatile in Style, Color, and Design

Metal roofing can be manufactured and installed to fit any style of home exterior. Additionally, with the addition of enameling and painting, homeowners can further personalize this versatile roofing of choice. 

Metal is Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is often manufactured using recycled products, making it kind on the environment. In addition, this roofing material is an excellent choice for homeowners who practice rainwater conservation. Precipitation runs easily off of metal without having to pass through other materials, such as asphalt, that may leach harmful chemicals.

Metal is Durable

The strength and durability of metal roofing makes it an obvious choice for homes that are located in storm-ridden climates. It's also a material that boasts great longevity. Metal roofing can last a lifetime if maintained well. 

So if you're a homeowner who is in the market for a new roof, consider the many benefits of metal. Though metal roofing costs a bit more than standard shingles, its advantages will pay for themselves time and time again. You'll save money on heating and cooling, and on future roof repairs, if you choose metal roofing for your new or existing construction. Talk to a roofing company like West Plains Roofing for more information.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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