what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Battle Of The Premiums: Does Copper Or Slate Make The Better Roofing?

by Vanessa Lord

Why pay more for your roofing? If your goal is to keep precipitation out as cost-effectively as possible, you might think that the best roofing is the one that comes with the smallest installation cost. Counter-intuitive though it may seem, you can get better value for your money by buying a premium roofing material. What earns a material the premium rating? Not just a high cost, a premium material must offer improved performance and value. For an example of what benefits you can expect from a premium roofing material, consider a comparison of slate and copper to see which one offers you the better value for your money. 


When you buy a premium roofing product, you get a material that might outlast your home. Slate, for example, can last for up to two hundred years. Be warned, however, that how long your slate lasts will depend on what type of slate you get. You want hard slate if you want the most long-lasting slate—soft slate can last as little as 50 years—but even with hard slate, you want to pay attention to which quarry it came from because the composition of slate from different areas of the country will affect how well it holds up to the elements.

If you want to avoid the complications of choosing a high-quality slate, choose copper. Copper will corrode like any other metal, but only until a patina forms on the outer surface. Thus, your copper roof will look like a shiny new penny when first installed and like the Statue of Liberty after a few years. However, just like the Statue of Liberty, once this grey-green patina forms, your roof will last indefinitely. in other words, a properly installed copper roof may never need renovating or replacing. 


For those who are concerned about depleting earth's resources, choosing a natural material like slate might seem like an easy choice—not so fast. Slate will degrade over time, and once it gets to the end of its service life, there is nothing left to do with slate except scrap it. Thus, when you buy a slate roof, you have a green material, but not a renewable one. 

Copper roofs can be recycled. Thus, if ever the day comes that you want to replace your roof, you can take your roofing panels to a scrapyard, make a little money off of it, and return home with the confidence that you did your part to protect mother earth from the ravages of rampant resource harvesting. 

Either a slate or copper roof will add aesthetic appeal and value to your home, but if you want the longest-lasting roof on the market, choose copper. Not only is it a budget friendly choice in that it will save you money on repair and replacement costs, but it is also an earth friendly choice. For more information, consult roofing contractors like ACE Roofing.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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