what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Metal Roof Fasteners: Should You Use Exposed Or Hidden Fasteners?

by Vanessa Lord

Metal is a good choice for a roof in that it can stand up well to damage from the weather. One key to getting the most life from your metal roof is the type of fastener you use to keep your roof in place. Many metal roofs use exposed fasteners because it is the cheaper way to install a roof. On the other hand, using hidden fasteners can give you more peace of mind and your roof a longer life. 

An Analysis of Exposed Fasteners

When installing an exposed fastener roof, installers will drive self-tapping screws through the metal. This means that there are no pre-drilled holes for the screws, and the screws themselves will puncture the roofing material and the decking underneath. To prevent metal-on-metal contact and to prevent water from leaking through the puncture made by the screw, each screw is fitted with a gasket. These gaskets are typically made from neoprene and protected by a metal umbrella washer, and when installed properly, they will effectively prevent leaks. Still, after several years you should inspect your gaskets and replace any that show signs of leaking. The best way to look for leaks is to access the attic and look for signs of water damage, then replace the screws that correspond to locations where you find water damage in the attic. In sum, exposed fasteners can leak and increase the maintenance load for a homeowner.

An Analysis of Hidden Fasteners

With a hidden fastener system, a roofing panel with a vertical edge is placed on the roof, then secured in place with a clip that is affixed to the roof with screws. The edge of the next panel is then placed over the clip and the vertical edge of the first panel. The clip and the edges of the two panels are then folded together with a tool designed to do just that. In this way, the fasteners themselves are protected by the roof. Because the fasteners are never exposed to the elements, leaks are not a possibility. With a hidden fastener system, the fasteners will last as long as the roof does, and the maintenance load placed on the homeowner is thus reduced. 

Even though concealed fastener metal roofs are more expensive initially than exposed fastener roofs, they are the better choice in the long run because you don't have to worry about repairing leaks. A smart homeowner will properly maintain a roof to catch leaks as quickly as possible; a wise homeowner will install a concealed fastener roof to prevent leaks altogether. 

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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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