what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

What You Need To Know About Ventilating Your Attic

by Vanessa Lord

When having a brand new roof installed or insulation added to your attic, you must take the necessary steps to properly ventilate the attic. An attic with improper ventilation can create a multitude of problems due to moisture buildup. This includes mildew and mold in the attic, as well as physical damage on the roof's structure. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to attic ventilation.

Achieve Balance With Ventilation

A properly ventilated attic provides airflow across the length of a roof. This requires a ventilation system that is balanced, with airflow entering at your roof's eaves and leaving at the central ridge.

Net free ventilation areas are determined by building codes, and must be as big as 1 sq. ft. for every 300 sq. feet of attic. Roofs that only have soffit vents have more strict building code regulations, requiring a 150 to 1 ratio of attic space to net free ventilation.

Do Not Forget About Intake Vents

A common mistake is to focus entirely on the attic's exhaust vents, which results in neglecting the attic's intake vents that are extremely important. An exhaust vent operates by pulling fresh air near the bottom of your roof, which removes moisture found underneath your roof deck.

Not only do these intake vents need to be properly located and sized, but they must be free of any obstructions.

Do Not Mix Different Kinds of Exhaust Vents

You should always stick with a single type of exhaust vent in your attic. Mixing different kinds of exhaust vents can actually cause them to be much less efficient, because they may be pulling the air out in different ways.

For example, a wind turbine exhaust vent does not have a fan that forces that air out of an attic, and they do not mix well with a powered attic ventilation fan. Using both could actually cause air to be sucked in through the wind turbine exhaust vent and out through the powered attic ventilation fan. Two exhaust vents is not always better than using one, so be mindful of the exhaust systems that you install.

As you can see, achieving proper ventilation in your attic can be difficult. Thankfully, you do not have to do it alone. Reach out to a professional roofing company in your area if you need assistance. They can help perform the installation of a ventilation system in your roof that will work efficiently. 


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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