what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Three Spray-On Roofing Products That Can Patch Your Roof Until You Can Hire A Roofer

by Vanessa Lord

Hiring a roofer can take some time. You have to schedule appointments with several of them, wait for each one to show up and give you a quote, and then select the least expensive one that your insurance company is willing to work with. In the meantime, any problems with your roof are left unattended and unpatched. Until you can hire the right roofer for the job, there are three spray-on products that can help protect your roof and prevent further damage.

Spray-On Rubber Roofing

Although it may seem strange to get rubber into a spray can, you cannot argue with a product that gets a job done. Spray-on rubber roofing covers areas under shingles where the rubber underlay has been punctured or torn from ferocious weather or mischievous birds. It protects the tops of shingles too, preventing rain from slipping underneath the shingles and wetting the rest of the roof. For this product to be particularly effective, you will have to give the area you want to protect a couple of coats of this stuff, waiting in between coats for the last coat to harden. You can tell that you have patched the area effectively when you see a thick layer of black rubber across the tops of the shingles and you can practically bounce a penny off of it.

Gutter Guard in a Can

You have probably seen commercials for this product. It sprays directly into your gutters and creates a thick epoxy resin coating that absorbs sunlight and helps melt snow and ice. It does double duty in that it also blocks any leaks from the gutters and helps channel water towards the downspout. Although it is not actually called "gutter guard in a can," it is a good way to describe it to the store associates at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Waterproofing in a Spray Can

Heavy waterproofing sealant is now available in a spray can as well. Unfortunately it is only meant to cover small areas, so if you need it to cover a quarter to three-quarters of your roof, you will need to buy several cans of it. You also need a clear day with almost no wind in order to apply it, or the sealant will just blow away the minute you release it from the spray can. You will also need to be very close to the roof's surface to apply the sealant, so if you do not have a good, steady ladder you will need to buy or rent one.

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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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