what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Important Information About Algae on Asphalt Shingles

by Vanessa Lord

Are you confused as to why black streaks keep accumulating on your asphalt-shingle roof? The black streaks are likely algae spores, and you should get your roof inspected by a contractor as soon as possible. You must understand that algae spores are highly detrimental to asphalt shingles and that your roof might need to be repaired. Below, you will discover some helpful information in regard to dealing with algae spores on an asphalt-shingle roof.

What Makes Algae Spores Harmful to Asphalt Shingles?

The worst thing about algae spores is that they consume limestone. Your asphalt shingles have a large amount of limestone in them. As the limestone is consumed by algae, the shingles begin to deteriorate. It is possible that during the inspection by a contractor, he or she will find holes in the shingles from algae damage.

Can Algae Spores Simply Be Cleaned Off of the Roof?

It is possible to get algae spores removed from your roof. For instance, all you have to do is use pressure-washing equipment to get rid of the spores. A professional can also be hired for the task if you don't want to lease or buy your own equipment. However, it is in your best interest to make sure any necessary repairs are made after the roof has been cleaned. Your roof will deteriorate altogether if only cleaning is done and there is damage present.

What Kind of Repairs Might the Roof Need?

You might need to invest in getting all or some of the asphalt shingles replaced if they have been damaged by algae spores. If the shingles have been damaged for a long time without your knowledge, you might also need to get the roof deck repaired. A roof deck that is covered in damaged shingles is easily exposed to outside elements like rain and ultraviolet radiation. The deck might have water damage, which can eventually cause problems for the interior of your house.

When Should a Damaged Asphalt-Shingle Roof Be Repaired?

There are a few signs that will let you know if your roof should be replaced. For instance, if you have noticed discoloration or water bubbles in the ceiling of your house, it is a sign that algae spores have caused severe damage. You might also notice cracks in the ceiling from the roof being damaged. Reserve a date with a contractor such as Acoma Roofing, Inc. for your roof to be inspected.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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