what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Three Ideas To Create A Living Roof System

by Vanessa Lord

While there are many types of roofing you can have installed on your home, living roof systems offer you many benefits. These green roofs are made of soil and plants to create an attractive and unique design. There are many options when installing a green living roof on your home, but the type of system you use may depend on things like loads, climate, and whether you are building a new home or doing renovations. Here are some ideas that will give your home a unique living roof that also adds green space to your home:

1. New Homes with Layers of Membranes and Soil Medium

New construction offers you the most options for a living roof system. First, the structure of your home must be built to support the load of plant life above. This is something that will include layers of roofing membrane to protect the home from water penetration, as well as soil medium for different types of plants. You could even have trees planted on the roof of your home, if their weight is supported below and they have optimal soil conditions like depth and nutrients. Smaller trees will work the best for roof-top gardens.

2. Building A Home Addition with Areas of Green Roofing

Home additions are also a great place to have a living roof. Since many of the additions may have a flat roof design, planting a green area here can be a good idea. If you are doing something like an all-seasons room, a flat roof with plants on it can provide a thermal barrier. The thermal barrier will help to reduce heat gain during the summer months with the aid of ventilation. It can also be a good place to add a small herb or vegetable garden to your home and have a nice, relaxing seating area on a high place of your home.

3. Lighter Living Roof Systems for Average Home Structures and Roof Loads

Lighter roof systems are another solution that you will want to consider if you are replacing a roof. These systems will use thinner soil layers, which can be part of materials like grass sod or mosses. Below the plant life, a layer of membrane and moisture barrier can be installed. These systems may be lighter, but you should still check with a roofing contractor about the loads and any structural improvements that may be needed before you have your green roof installed on your home.

The roof of your home does not have to be the same conventional materials as always. Use some of these ideas to give your home a green living roof. You will want to contact a roofing contractor to talk with them about some of the options before you have your roof installed. 


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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