what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Understanding Roof Insulation And R-Values

by Vanessa Lord

Roof replacement is one of the most heavily advertised home improvement projects. Advertisements for roof replacement, as well as various roof materials, can be found everywhere. Roof manufacturers are always touting the efficiency, style and affordability of their products. Many of these criteria are really just a matter of personal preference. While most people would find it hard to argue against the style of a real wood roof, many people have no interest in having wooden shingles. Many people prefer a sleeker and more modern material like metal. It is mostly a matter of personal opinion and the existing design of your home.

Start with Insulation

However, one thing that isn't really a matter of opinion is insulation. That is, you only want to buy a product that has right level of insulation for where you live. Roof insulation is measured according to R-value, which measures the speed at which heat travels through a material. You can determine what cumulative R-value is necessary for your home based on this map. It helps you figure out the minimum R-value you should be looking for based on the region you live in.

Insulation is Cumulative

How do you find out how much insulation you need on your new roof? It might be hard to determine how much insulation you need in a roofing product because it also depends on the design of your roof deck. That is, your roof deck, along with your existing underlayment, might already be significantly insulated. This could allow you to install a product that is thinner and has less insulation.

The total R-value of a roof is a cumulative rating. It doesn't just take into account the exterior tiles. This is important because it enables homeowners from in different climates to install all sorts of different products, even if the exterior surface doesn't have a high R-value. So, your first obstacle is having a professional come examine your roof and determine what the R-value of the underlayment and deck is. Then, they can suggest what replacement material R-value you should be looking for in your replacement material.

When it comes to choosing the product with a proper R-value, you will usually end up eliminating certain materials that just don't have the right insulation for your climate and region. Once you find products that fulfill your insulation needs, you can start to focus more on style and maintenance needs of different products you are considering.

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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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