what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

Having Your Commercial Roof Replaced? What to Talk to Your Roofer About

by Vanessa Lord

If you own a commercial property, you know just how much work it takes to make sure that everything is always maintained. With monthly or even weekly maintenance jobs like landscaping and cleaning, it can seem like owning a commercial property is a full-time job. One not-so-routine maintenance thing that you may need to have done this summer is a roof replacement.

Before you just go out and get any old roof put on, however, this article will take a closer look at three specific things to talk to your commercial roofer about. Read on to learn some more. 

1. Replacement or Reroofing

You may not know this, but just because your roof is falling apart, that doesn't mean that you will have to have the whole thing replaced. If your roof is in fairly good condition, you may be able to have it reroofed instead. This is a process in which a roofer will place a new roof over your existing roof. Although this can only be done once in your roofs lifetime, it is definitely worth looking into. Plus, another thing to consider is that it will save you a lot of money because your roofer won't have to tear off your existing roof. 

2. Type of Roof

Another thing that you will want to talk to your roofer about is what type of roof you want to go with. Depending on the architecture of your property, your roofer may recommend that you go with something more modern like a roof made of thin sheeting, or they may recommend that you go with something traditional like wooden shingles. Depending on your budget and the style that you have, you and your roofer can pick the right material for you. 

3. Solar Panels

Solar panels aren't just environmentally friendly, but they will save our tenants a lot of money and you can get a big tax write-off on them as well. When your tenants save a lot of money on their electricity bills it gives them more of an incentive to rent from you year after year. When you roofer comes out to your house, ask them to talk to you a little bit about whether or not solar panels will work well on your roof. 

These are just a few of the things that you should talk to your roofer about before you have a new one installed. To start the project, contact services such as Durafoam Roofing LLC.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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