what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

3 Indications That You Have A Roof Leak

by Vanessa Lord

It is difficult for the typical homeowner to get on their roof to perform a physical inspection. However, there are signs that can be noticed in and around your home to give you warning. Here are some indications that you have a roof leak that needs to be fixed.

Ceiling Discoloration

Start by taking a look at the ceiling on the top floor of your home. You'll want to check all areas for potential discoloration, which includes looking at the top of closets and other hard to see areas. If the water is getting into your home and leaking to the bottom of the attic, it is going to start going through to the ceiling below it. Small sections of discoloration are not something that should be ignored, especially if you've noticed the discoloration getting worse over time.

Mold Smell

Have you noticed an odd smell in your home that is similar to mildew or mold but that is not coming from the bathrooms? You may even notice the smell more on the top floor of your home. This is an indication that you have mold growing in your attic from a roof leak. It will help to go into the attic and take a look to see if you can spot the mold growth.

Mold can take on various forms, with some of the most common colors being green or white, but it can also be brown or black in color as well. You are likely to see the mold forming on the rafters of the roof around where the leak is located. It can be as small as some discoloration or a large growth on the surface. Mold may also be hiding in insulation material if the water has leaked into it.

Shingle Damage

Sometimes you can spot the telltale signs of roof damage without even stepping foot on your roof. It could be something as simple as a missing shingle that needs to be replaced, but shingles can also become damaged while still remaining on your roof. Take a look when it is windy and see if you notice any shingles that are flapping around in the wind. These could be shingles that are cracked or damaged and no longer sticking to the shingles beneath them. Singles can also be torn or curled upward, causing them to no longer lay flat along the surface of the roof.

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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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