what you need to know about replacing your roof

what you need to know about replacing your roof

How Damaged Gutters Can Destroy Your Home

by Vanessa Lord

Damaged or clogged gutters leak water. This is more than an inconvenience; it can also lead to major damages to your home. Here are just a few issues you may notice if you have damaged gutters. 

Eave Damages

One of the first obvious places where damage occurs is along the eaves of your home. Clogs or damages to the gutters cause water to overflow over the sides of the gutter troughs and wash up onto the eaves. If you have wooden eaves, this prolonged moisture exposure can eventually lead to wood rot and the need to completely replaces the eaves.

Another issue is the soffit vents on the underside of the eaves. Water washing up into these vents can lead to rot or mold inside the eaves and the attic. It can even compromise proper ventilation of the attic, thus leading to attic condensation and mold. Even vinyl and metal eaves can be damaged if water backflow from the gutters gets into the soffit vents.

Shingle Leaks

Although the gutters are at the edge of the roof, problems with overflow can cause damage on the main plane of the roof. When water hits the gutters and can't flow easily due to blockages in the troughs, the water then backflows back up the roof. This backflow can wash beneath shingles so that water begins to leak into the attic.

Another issue is when this occurs in winter. Snowmelt backflows when it hits a clogged gutter, but the water flowing up under the shingles can freeze as soon as temperatures drop. The result is an ice dam, which lifts the shingle and allows even more water in and increased formation. When the dam begins to melt, the result can be a major leak that leads to a lot of damage. Further, shingles may eventually break due to the pressure of the building ice mound.

Siding Destruction

Siding is also not immune to water damage from overflowing gutters. When water overflows over the edge of the troughs, it can then flow down the siding. This is especially a problem for homes with shallow eaves. If you have wood siding, the water overflow will eventually wear off the paint and soak into the wood. This increases the chances of wood rot and warping on the siding panels. Moisture can also get behind the siding panels, which can lead to mold growth in the walls or wood rot on structural studs that would otherwise be protected from the elements.

Contact a gutter contractor in your area for more help with your damaged guttering system.


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what you need to know about replacing your roof

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